Since the conception of this program years ago, the Watch Me Grow has been a must to do for parents welcoming a new one to their family. The programs captures your baby grow over the first 12 - 18 months of their life. The first four sessions are at the regular price. The 5th session is free!  Each session is paid for individually at the time of scheduling that particular session. (Siblings and parents can be photographed during any or all of the sessions.) Upon completion of the program you will receive an 8x10 Custom Designed Hard Press Book with images from each of the Watch Me Grow sessions.


The 5 photo sessions must take place between pregnancy and the time your baby turns 18 months. The first session can take place at any time.


Popular sessions include:


Maternity sessions captures Mom in the final stages of her pregnancy (normally between 6-8 months along). Like all Signature Sessions, Dad and older brothers and sisters may also be photographed with Mom and the baby.


Maternity sessions can be scheduled in the studio or outdoors. Themes range from cute and playful to  serious and sensual. Expecting moms set the tone for their session depending of the style of photos they want.




The newborn sessions captures baby's tiny features that will soon begin to grow. The majority of these photos are taken while the baby sleeps.


If possible, newborn sessions should take place within the first 12 days of the baby's life. It is highly recommend to call 2-3 months prior to your due date to schedule newborn photos.


3  Months

The 3 Month session captures the baby's new alertness and ability to make eye contact and smile.


6 Months

The 6 month session captures your little one as he/she begins to explore and move around.

9 Months

The 9 month session captures your baby sitting up and crawling around. Props for baby to hold and play with are introduced during this session as well.

1 year

The first birthday session captures your baby at age 1. Cake smashing pictures are always adorable and create great 1st birthday photos and memories!

18 Months

The 18 month session captures your baby as he/she is about to become a toddler. Baby is on the move and this session is filled with candid shots of baby exploring his/her surroundings.

Some families like to choose a common theme for one of the set ups with each watch me grow session to create a collage like the following: